Reseller Billing Panel for Xtream UI Nulled

Reseller Billing Panel for Xtream UI Nulled

Reseller IPTV null smart billing panel | Xtream UI automated provider billing panel is null
Xtream UI Reseller Smart Billing System is an automated billing solution for Xtream UI resellers.

We have developed an automated reseller billing solution that allows you to sell your subscription online automatically.
It is connected to the Xtream UI dispatcher panel and performs automation tasks.
Note: You are not connected through database connections. It depends on the API.
Automation tasks:
Line creation: When you place an order, it automatically creates the line in the dealer panel
Line disabled: When the bill is not paid, the line is automatically disabled
Re-enable the line: When a bill is paid, the subscription is re-enabled.
Delete Line – Automatically delete the line if the customer cancels the subscription or is no longer interested.
The same features are available for a MAG device subscription.
Automated Reseller Solution = WHMCS + Xtream UI Reseller Module.
Includes a fully automated solution (CMS) for the distribution board
Administration and customer area.
Ticket system support
Product, order and billing management
Payment Gateway Solution


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