SpotCommerce - Blogger Shopping Template

SpotCommerce - Blogger Shopping Template Free download, SpotCommerce is the rearmost Blogger shopping template that's customizable, easy to use.
SpotCommerce - Blogger Shopping Template Free download
SpotCommerce - Blogger Shopping Template is the rearmost Blogger shopping template that's largely customizable, easy to use, and completely responsive. It's also suitable for every small shopping point, exchange and portfolio. Ideal as a starting point for your small business. 
The main point 
  • Completely responsive and retina ready 
  • single slider 
  • Unlimited colors, backgrounds, and sources 
  • Includes touch controls for mobile bias 
  • FontAwesome Used Icon 
  • Add this button to partake on social networks 
  • Ajax wain and want list ready 
  • Four payment styles PayPal, direct bank transfer, cash on delivery and check 
  • Three countries of the product normal, deals and out of stock 
  • Dispatch announcement for order information when client makes payment 
  • SEO friendly 
  • Unlimited dropdown menus 
  • List of images on the product detail runner 
  • good Attestation 
  • Easy to install and test data ready 
  • Supported pasteboard canons from interpretation1.2.7
Release notes
 v2.2.0-May 03, 2022 
 - Fixed some symbols aren't displayed rightly with some specific fountain families 
-New jump to eclipse button 
-New settings for fountain size of slider titles and pagination buttons 
 v2.1.8-April 12, 2022 
 - Fixed Can not change summary background color for all particulars 
 v2.1.7-April 11, 2022 
 - Fixed MailChimp announcement not displaying rightly 
 v2.1.6-April 10, 2022 
 - Fixed compatible with new MailChimp form law 
 v2.1.5-March 01, 2022 
 - Fixed tabs not displaying rightly 
 v2.1.4-October 11, 2021 
 - Fixed unfit to pierce wain or checkout if an item is removed or has no price 
- Fixed Can not change shipping rate 
-New Provides option to change summary background 
 v2.1.3-October 08, 2021 
 - Fix Unfit to change shipping rate 
 v2.1.2-October 07, 2021 
 - Fix Item images blurring 
- Fix Unfit to change payment date format 
 v2.0.0-September 10, 2021 
 -New Sneeit Spot compatible 
 v1.6.4-January 10, 2021 
 -New Add a new share style for share buttons 
 v1.6.3-September 17, 2020 
 -New Allow to change volley section position 
-New Allow changing the number of posts displayed on library runners 
-New You can disable dispatch and phone field on checkout runner 
-New Allow to add up to 5 bank account details for checkout runner 
-New Show full size image and coming/ former buttons for slider on mobile bias 
-New allow order via Whatsapp button 
-New Allow to set a maximum pasteboard value per order 
 v1.6.2-June 02, 2020 
 -New show an empty communication when the hunt isn't plant 
 v1.6.1-April 07, 2020 
 - Fixed Wrong format price textbook in Shipping and Handling figure. 
 v1.6.0-November 12, 2019 
 - Fixed contact form title not matching contrivance title 
- Fixed Can not restate contact form textbooks 
- Fixed can not admit order emails 
- Fixed unfit to admit contact emails 
 v1.5.9-August 23, 2019 
 - Fixed slider not displaying rightly on mobile bias 
 v1.5.8-March 29, 2019 
 - Fixed Wrong country law for PayPal request 
-New Support template update with Sneeit Spot 
-New Allow to set library runner post number 
 v1.5.7-October 30, 2018 
 - Fixed spread all SSL crimes (https) 
v1.5.6-September 3, 2018 
 -New support to keep the images in the description. 
 v1.5.5-June 10, 2018 
 -New Supports postcodes A to Z in the UK 
 v1.5.4-March 19, 2017 
 - Fixed no drone effect when you have numerous product images 
 v1.5.3-January 05, 2017 
 - Fixed price subtotal wasn't displayed rightly in some cases 
 v1.5.2-October 18, 2017 
 - Fixed Checkout runner not working with some emails 
 v1.5.1-July 31, 2017 
 - Fixed menu not working duly 
- Fixed wain runner not working on iOS 
 v1.3.0-April 08, 2015 
 - Fixed Deleted item check 
 v1.2.9-January 13, 2015 
 - Fixed Blog members can not admit paid emails 
 v1.2.8-January 02, 2015 
 - Fixed verification law not working duly 
- Fixed contact form 2 not working duly 
 v1.2.7-December 22, 2014 
 -New support pasteboard canons 
 v1.2.6-December 17, 2014 
 -New support any currency 
- Fixed Not autofocus payment system when you only have system 
 v1.2.5-November 30, 2014 
 -New Added Nigerian Naira Currency and Nepalese Rupee 
- Fixed can not admit Paypal order dispatch with some internet providers 
 v1.2.4-November 12, 2014 
 - Fixed do not show thumbnail if admin copied nearly 
 v1.2.3-October 16, 2014 
 - Fixed add to tote and wishlist point not displaying the correct communication 
 v1.2.2-October 07, 2014 
 - Fixed Separate character for long price coin not working duly
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