iMagz v1.25 Landing Page Premium Blogger Template for Blogspot Website

imagz latest theme downlaod, iMagz Landing Page Premium Blogger Template for Blogspot Website. iMagz blogger template free download + landing page.
iMagz v1.25 Landing Page Premium Blogger Template for Blogspot Website
iMagz v1.25 Landing Page Premium Blogger Template for Blogspot Website. Greetings to all! Welcome back to Pro Blogger Template, today We are sharing a premium responsive theme called iMagz v1.25 developed by Jagodesign. After Imagz v1.2 + landing page blogger theme was a great success and sales were very good and many people bought this theme imagz theme, now Jagodesign released a new blogger theme, the most modern version of iMagz v1. 2 this is iMgaz v1.25 blogger theme, highly responsive and advanced theme in blogger.

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iMagz v1.25 Landing Page Premium Blogger Template is one of the best advanced and responsive premium blogger themes and is very famous for landing pages. This blogger template is created by Jagodesign. We are explained all the features of iMagz v1.25 blogger theme in detail below, so please read. the post until the end.

About iMagz v1.25 Blogger Theme

iMagz v1.5 is the latest version of iMagz theme released by Jagodesign. iMagz theme is known for its landing pages with 7 different types and highly responsive themes and mobile version is also supported. iMagz theme has best UI design, SEO friendly, AdSense friendly, highly responsive and fast loading template.

We can say iMagz v1.25 as an all-in-one theme for example, if you have an online consultation website or an online service provider website, you can publish the services you offer through 7 different landing pages, if you have a news or online magazine website you can use Spilld post feature, tab post feature or full page mode to make the post more user friendly, if you have an educational website you can use block quote, notepad, accordion, tab, table and many features to to make it more understandable to use.

If you run a tutorial website that teaches coding, HTML, CSS or JavaScript, you can use the syntax highlighter to highlight specific code and use the codebox feature to present your code so this iMagz blogger template is best for Tutorial websites fits.

Nowadays, all the trendy blogger templates support dark mode and it is also necessary to make it more user-friendly, so the designer of iMagz template added a built-in dark mode toggle button through which users can switch between dark mode and light mode can.

iMagz v1.25 Blogger Theme Details:-

  • Template Name:- iMagz 
  • Template Version: 1.25
  • Designer: Jagodesain
  • Template Price: 150rb/ 15$/  1116rs
  • Type: Premium Theme
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